Article by: The 365GlobalCompliance© Company
The 365 Global Compliance Company deals with compliance in every sector of the hospitality industry and deals with it from a different perspective than all existing advisory, consultancy and enforcement agencies. Agencies that are set up to help the compliance processes, but in their efforts present unnecessary administrative, time-consuming and expensive obstacles that can put unreasonable demands on the industry.

Why are we different?
We provide you with the tools you require to remain compliant in a way that will save you a substantial amount of time and money and give you peace of mind, knowing you will have done everything within reason to ensure you are maintaining a safe environment for your customers and staff, at the same time you will fulfil all your legal obligations at the press of a button.

Regulatory and governing agencies help by making information available to the industry that attempts to smooth the compliance process. They consult and provide advice and link you to products to subscribe to, but then, unless you pay for costly consultations, you are left to your own devices, deciphering information and converting legal requirements into practical processes. Now unless your company is compliant, in every area and to an acceptable standard, it’s the enforcement bodies that you will fail to satisfy…but not anymore!

With the hotel compliance app, those days will be long gone! The enforcement agencies and their auditors, come to learn you are a registered member …THEY WILL SIMPLY APPRECIATE YOUR COMPANY WILL COMPLY more than most.
THEY WILL SIMPLY COME TO APPRECIATE YOUR COMPANY WILL NO DOUBT BE COMPLIANT and checking your premises would be unproductive to them and would look elsewhere.

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