The 365gobalcompliance© Health & Safety modules for hotels, can help your business achieve compliance in all departments of your hotel 365 days of the year and in real time They are also directly linked to the hotels marketing platforms and directly linked to consumers as they see you Non-Intrusive health and safety status in real time, after they pass through your marketing adds. This time saving and cost saving managements system includes a real time dashboard for the hotel manager and is set to be in high demand throughout 2018, as it is released. Its possible that if any particular hotel group or chain see its value they may very well try to own it and have a massive competitive edge over its rivals.

In total their are 18 icons, that cover all the managements hotel requirements, each creating legal verifiable documents that can be used for the health and safety inspectorate or when claims are being pursued. Because of the 365 days of the year compliance you can be helped to achieve it is possible for insurance premiums to go down as claims drop and you liability is drastically reduced, which is the best news for the hotel owners.



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